Saturday, August 03, 2019

The Tinkerbell Effect: I Think I Can by Karin S. Robbins

As Tinkerbell in Peter Pan told the children, to see fairies, you have to believe, and if you believe, clap your hands.

Reading is like that, too, and in Karin S. Robbins' I Think I Can (Schiffer Publishing, 2019), it all begins with believing, when Aardvark says...

"I think I can!"

She thinks she can sing.

"What do you think you can sing?" asks Mouse.

Why, a song, of course. But first Mouse must look at Aardvark and listen to Aardvark and sit down in a listening chair, and get ready for the Surprise Song!
Sing along with me.
Oh, happy we will be.
Read along with me.
Read together, you and me.
Oh, happily we'll read.

Author and Romper Room teacher and puppeteer Karin Robbins knows that it helps to hold children's attention. Learning to read is an interactive activity that involves repeating sounds and words which are more effective if sometimes done together as a song or chant, and artist Rachael Brunson makes sure to hold attention by setting her engaging aardvark and mouse front and center on bright white backgrounds, and author Robbins gives young emerging readers their chance to CLAP a round of applause for believing they can learn to read, too.



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