Thursday, December 12, 2019

Magical Mystery Tour (The Sequel) Hey, Grandude! by Paul McCartney

Lucy and Tom and Em and Bob were spending the weekend with their granddad.

Today was one of those days when nothing felt quite right. It was gray and drizzly and everybody was grumpy and too bored to be bothered.

Bear up, Chillers!" said Grandude.

Grandude is too cool to let a little ennui ruin the day. He pulls out a bunch of picture postcards of intriguing sunny scenes and encourages each one of the kids to choose one they'd like to visit.

Em picks a sunlit beach with sun-kissed sand and blue waves.

And with a magical flash, they are there, on that actual beach. Wavelets splash their toes and the sun warms their backs. They splash and build sandcastles, and then join a school of flying fish and soar OVER THE WAVES.

Then for Tom, Grandude spins his magical compass needle and the kids find themselves at a dude ranch, lassoing their cayooses and riding like cowpokes, fully at HOME ON THE RANGE. Another compass spin for Lucy take them high on an Alpine meadow, but when they try out their YO-DE-LAY-DEE-HOOS, they find themselves fleeing a rock 'n' roll avalanche with the cows.

By now Bob is ready to call it A DAY IN THE LIFE!

It's Grandude's Magical Mystery Tour, for sure, in Paul McCartney's Hey Grandude! (Random House, 2019). A grandpa six times over, author McCartney evidently knows a lot about entertaining kids.   Along with the fantastic illustrations of Kathryn Durst, McCartney, who owns 18 Grammies and stacks of gold and platinum records, also knows how to keep a top-selling hit rolling.

Grandads (a.k.a Grandudes) Rock!

“This picture book debut from the musical icon hits all the right notes," trills Publishers Weekly.

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