Sunday, February 23, 2020

The State of Matter Matters! The Luckiest Snowball by Eliot Kreloff

Izzy likes the snow. It's soft. It's cold.

You can pick it up, ... and throw it!


Izzy is immediately frozen in place.  Who is this talking to him?

It's the SNOWBALL!
"If you throw me--BLAM--it's the end of me!"

But Izzy's new friend, SNOWBALL, is fine with making snow angels, snow forts, and a snowman. The two new friends have a great snow play.

But it's getting dark and Izzy has to go home. He takes his special snowball inside to introduce him to his mom as Larry. But it's warm in there! Larry notices that he's about to undergo a strange change of state.

Emergency care for melting snowballs calls for time in the freezer, where Larry finds good company among some sweet peas and cool ice cubes.

When spring comes, Izzy takes Larry outside to admire the all the fresh colors of the new season, but... and in a few minutes, Larry is... (you guessed it!)...

Whoops! It's back to the freezer, where Larry and the frozen asparagus spears reminisce about the growing season together. And then... it's summer, and Izzy carefully packs Larry in the cooler for an outing.

Larry enjoys the beach scene until...

Izzy rushes Larry back to the freezer just in the nick of slush! Larry refreezes while the frozen blueberries wax sentimental about the day they were picked. And then, finally, it's fall!

Izzy takes Larry outside where the air is cool and the leaves are falling all around. But where did he go? At last the dripping Larry is found under the leaves and re-stashed in the freezer under the wing, so to speak, of a very large frozen turkey.

Then, at last it's winter again, in Eliot Kreloff's The Luckiest Snowball (Holiday House, 2019) It is time for Izzy and Larry to take sled rides together while new snowflakes fall, in Eliot Kreloff's jolly story of the seasons. Winter is where Larry belongs, but human kids get to live and have fun in all four seasons, and Larry the Unlikely playmate stars in comic illustrations of the fun of all the seasons. Author Kreloff includes a brief appendix, explaining the cycle of the seasons and the water cycle as well, from water, to snowflake, to ice to melting water again.

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