Thursday, March 26, 2020

With A Little Help from My Friends! What's Up, Maloo? by Genevieve Godbout


But not today. HOP? No way!

Is Maloo too pooped to hop? His steps dragging, he walks slowly to his friend's underground burrow. He definitely feeling down!

How LOW can he go? His friends come to his assistance. They get him across the pond by finding him a beach ball to float on. They try to give him an airlift with a window fan for a propeller, but that plan flops with a plop.

Perhaps they can give give Maloo's spirits a lift from an improvised trampoline. And it works!

Maloo rises above his mood and finds the bounce restored to his step.

And in Genevieve Godbout's brand new What's Up, Maloo? (Maloo and Friends) (Tundra Books, 2020), Maloo's buddies take to their pogo sticks to share in the joys of hopping.

Godbout's text is easy enough for an emergent reader, and her storytelling bounces along, left to right, in a joyful story about the values of friendship when a friend needs a little lift from his friends. Artist Godbout's work in animation shows to good effect in her charming illustrations which extend the feeling of movement from page to page. A simple story about moving past bad feelings and the value of friendship that is perfect for reading aloud, lap-sit reading, or for beginner readers to enjoy on their own.

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