Saturday, April 18, 2020

Rescue Dog! MVP--Most Valuable Puppy by Mike Greenberg and Stacy Greenberg

Hi! My name is Phoebe.

I like tummy scratches, cheese, tennis balls, and eating crumbs that fall from the table.

Obviously, Phoebe is a dog, a fluffy white doodle dog whose perky, woolly tale is a bright shade of pink to match her collar. She loves treat time and TV time, but...
"More than anything I love my family."

Phoebe loves to go to the park with her "sister," the girl in the family whose pink glasses match Phoebe's tail. And one day when all the kids invite the girl to join in a game of football, Phoebe decides to join the game, too, and the kids cheer. After all, she's watched enough gameplay on the tube to know how to move the ball down the field. And Phoebe is even better at soccer, where her speed and agility come in handy in guarding the ball downfield.

Phoebe wins the title of "Most Valuable Player" for the game, and when her "sister" takes a tumble, Phoebe is right there with sympathetic tail wags, in sportscaster Mike Greenberg's picture book illustrated by his wife, graphic artist Stacy Greenberg, MVP: Most Valuable Puppy (Aladdin Books, 2018), based on this own family's story and pets. Games, kids, and a fun-loving labradoodle! What's not to like in this sunny story of a day in the park. Kirkus Reviews says, "Phoebe and her best friend score a touchdown with this groundbreaking pairing of a sports-minded girl and her dog."

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