Saturday, May 09, 2020

Sick Day: The Day Snuffy Had the Sniffles (Sesame Street) by Linda Lee Maiifair

Oscar the Grouch popped out of his can just in time to see big Bird skipping down Sesame Street.

"Go away, Bird! It's time to collect the trash. I'm too busy to talk to you!"


But Big Bird is on a mission to see Snuffy, who's sniffly and needs some cheering up. When Cookie Monster shows up, he explains that he's waiting for Oscar's present for Snuffy.


Then Bert passes by and says he has just the thing for Old Snuffy and tells Bird to wait right there.

How long?
"At this rate I'll never get to see Snuffy," Big Bird frets.

But soon Cookie Monster appears with a slightly dirty cookie, and Oscar offers something green and vaguely lumpy. Old Bear comes bringing his heirloom family cure for the common cold--sardine and sauerkraut soup! for Snuffy. BLEECH! Betty Lou from the library sends some books and The Count counts up all the things Big Bird has to carry and adds a box of tissues. And then Gladys the Cow offers a pint of ice cream that's already melting! Yikes!

Now Big Bird has to hustle to make it to Snuffy's house, in Sesame Street: The Day Snuffy Had the Sniffles with Full-Color Poster Inside (Storybook Classics) (Random House, 2019). But it's the thought that counts, and Snuffy is happy to see Big Bird and know his friends care! Share this sniffles story with Barbara Bottner's 2019 What a Cold Needs (read review here).

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