Saturday, July 04, 2020

Equine Art from the Geisel Files! Dr. Seuss's Horse Museum by Andrew Joyner

A horse is a horse, of course, of course.

This is what ART is about.... ART is when an artist looks at something... like a HORSE for instance.

At an art museum we can see how some artists see horses--as outlines, as shapes, as solid forms, as lines, with color and motion and sometimes just as squiggles of dripping paint. Some see them and show them as strong and powerful, or as lithe and flowing and speedy, or slow and sturdy. For some classical artists hired by royalty, a horse was alternative to a throne, making a king look more commanding, a prince more gallant. Later artists showed horses as their impression of the idea of the horse or the emotions they expressed. Some, like Picasso, painted the horse as a surreal, frightening creature, or as the simple planes of its body as cubist art.
What would a cave artist see in a horse?

It's a mystery!

(Maybe... it was ... dinner?)

Looking at all the ways artists see things is what is fun about art museums.

But there are lots of ways to see how artists see things. All around us we see images and designs and art... even in the library. Especially at the library, where each illustrator sees the story in different sorts of pictures.

Dr. Seuss's Horse Museum (Classic Seuss) (Random House, 2019) is the result of Mrs. Ted Geisel's tidying up of her late husband's studio.  She found pages of pencil sketches and text that hadn't been put into rhymes, and Dr. Seuss's publisher, Random House, with the help of author and artist Andrew Joyner, put them together in this new classic book. There are plenty of recognizable Seussian characters, the little blond kid in the striped shirt, the fish in the teapot on a boy's head, the baby in his onesy, and the shaggy little dog who follows the kids, moving through the museum and marveling at the different images of the horse.

Says Booklist's starred review, "Excellent for a first visit to an art museum and as jumping-off point for young artists seeking creative style."

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