Thursday, January 07, 2021

Snow Sculptures! Ladybug Girl and the Big Snow by Jacky Davis

"It's magic outside, Bingo!" whispers Lulu. "Everything is covered with snow!"

It's not just a little snow--it's a BIG snow, one that transforms the outside world into a new view. Lulu quickly pulls on her snow gear--long johns, snow pants, snow jacket, and boots. But because she is Ladybug Girl, she also puts on her red tutu, her black-spotted wings, and her earmuffs with red antennae.With so many puffy clothes, it's hard to walk in the deep snow.

But that won't stop Ladybug Girl!

The snow cover makes all the low bushes look like snow cakes. Lulu and her Basset hound Bingo taste them. Not bad! The few yellow leaves on the silver maples tinkle in the wind like little bells. The bright sun makes her brother's snowman sparkle like it's sprinkled with glitter.

The fir trees look like Snow Giants! She must stop them before they eat all the snow cakes!

Inspired by her brother's snowman, Ladybug Girl tries to build a snow castle, but the powdery snow won't stick together and her castle crumbles into a ruin. Even Ladybug Girl's antennae are covered in snow! Hmmmph! Everything is so hard in the snow! Lulu is consternated.

"Oh, I give up!"

But then she spots the snow hill and decides to climb to the top. Her boots sink deep into the snow. She's up to her tutu in the stuff!

But she's not just Lulu. She's Ladybug Girl, and Ladybug Girl can do anything!

With strong, determined steps Lulu climbs to the top of the hill. From there she notices that her crumbled castle looks like a snow sculpture of her dog Bingo. Then Ladybug Girl has a great idea! Rounding up her brother, Lulu conscripts him to sculpt snow animals--a snow bear, a snow reindeer, a snow camel, a snow lion, even a snow gorilla!

Now, feeling soggy and chilly, Lulu and her brother go inside to dry out and drink cocoa by the fire, recalling their snow fun

"Snow really is magic!"

In her Ladybug Girl and the Big Snow (Penguin Group), illustrated by David Soman's lovely snow scenes. Author Jackie Davis skillfully manages to incorporate the qualities of independence, perseverance, creativity, and cooperation into a joyous story of a day of play in the snow. Pair this one with Ezra Jack Keats' classic The Snowy Day.

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