Saturday, January 16, 2021

Noisy Prehistory! Dinosong by Tim McCanna

Three little dinosaurs are on their own in a shifting, shaking landscape that is still shaping itself. And it is a noisy, unstable world!

Rocks break off from cliffs and fall with frightening frequency! Three little dinosaurs--Ankylosaurus, Tricerotops, and Sauropod--join together as they dodge boulders that bound down hillsides and dodge and weave to miss the missiles.


Joining forces, they three flee, to tromp, and leap, as the rocks fly. And if that is not enough, volcanoes bubble and spit up bits and shards of molten matter:


The three little dinos hear the rumble and try to take shelter in a cave, with many a slip and a stumble along through the rubble. Finally they come to a quiet undergroud lake.


And when the eruption is done, Ankylsaurus, Tricerotops, and Sauropod emerge from their cave to find a changed world, a re-arranged world, that is their new world, in Tim McCanna's just-published Dinosong (Simon and Schuster, 2020). It's an ocean of onomatopoeia (words that sound like what they are), many of them rhyming pairs, that make for a lot of fun to learn and repeat and also  for beginning readers to read for themselves. Notable artist Robert Smythe creates an enticing world of lovely prehistoric landscapes done in layered watercolors which, despite the dire straits of the cute little dinosaurs, have plenty of visual appeal, while the rhythmic and rhyming sounds tell the story in a unique way for preschool and primary readers. Says Kirkus Reviews, “A rousingly rumbly ramble.”

Share this one with its companion book by McCanna and Smythe, Watersong.

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