Thursday, January 27, 2022

Undercover Brother and Snoop Dog: Secret, Secret Agent Guy by Kira Bigwood



His trenchcoat and Fedora hanging on the door, the super sleuth relaxes in his PJ's and with his bullfrog-slippered feet on his desk, perusing the newspaper.

But a message comes through on his walkie-talkie from the intrepid chief, ordering him to grab his gear and get on the job. He stows his stuff in his kit, cleverly disguised as a third grade lunchbox--with ropes, grappling hook, and see-in-the-dark glasses. He slips downstairs on silent feet to surveil the security guards. Ah, there they are, busy listening to tunes on Alexa!

But his device begins to quiver with a message from headquarters. Chief directs him to a backpack stashed in the kitchen cupboard:



Suddenly the security guards send Spy Dog, who leaps over the deadfall trap set for them. Luckily, he's turned double agent, actually on their side! Grabbing the backpack in his mouth and trotting upstairs, he passes it over, and the secret agent guys attain possession of the contraband, a giant top secret lollipop concealed in the closet. But, OH, NO! The fake box broadcasts a call to the authorities!


Could it be that their code has been blown? By a double agent sister...?


It's "Curses, foiled again!" by a super-secret big sister, in Kira Bigwood's new Secret, Secret Agent Guy, (Atheneum, 2921), which we hope is the beginning of a brothers-and-sister secret agent wars series. It's a fun and funny kid pleaser, coded in spy lingo and a clever rhyme scheme, only slightly concealed, to be read and sung to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star!"

"For readers looking for a little action and suspense in their bedtime story...." says Horn Book's reviewer.

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