Monday, April 27, 2020

Dad In the Ring! KID COACH by Rob Justus

KID COACH know what to do with couch potatoes.

He trains 'em, drains 'em. He flips and shreds 'em. He mashes and whips 'em, till they're hot tots, in perfect shape.

But this time the coach potato is Kid Coach's dad.

The path from potato to champion is not easy!

It's a crash course to whip the former couch potato into shape. But KID COACH has the right recipe to shape his dad into a wrestler who will wrangle with...
... BIG guys, BAD guys, BALD guys...

(... and a scary guy with tattoos of

BIG, BAD, BALD guys.)

And Dad, previously known as Couch Potato Man, shapes up and come through to take the top place in the tournament!

But although his win is big, his ATTITUDE is way too RUDE! Sadly, it seems Dad's ego has gotten too BIG for his TIGHTS.

But KID COACH also knows how to trim ego inflation down to size, too, in Rob Justus's just-stepped-into-the-ring Kid Coach (Page Street Kids, 2020). Justus' big and bold comic-style illustrations and wrap-around, "full nelson" text fill the pages with spot art, panels, full-bleed, and two-page action-filled spreads. And Coach and combatants and all are slammin' and jammin" with glee. "The father-son role reversal, along with a healthy plate of potato puns, provides plenty of laughs," says Booklist.

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