Monday, June 01, 2020

It Began with Ah-Choo! Katie Woo Has the Flu by Fran Manushkin

Katy sneezes... and sneezes... and sneezes.

"I feel funny! My tummy hurts, too," says Katie Woo.

"I think you have a bug," said her mom.

Katie protests that she can't have bugs in the her tummy, but Mom explains that means that Katie must be sick with the flu.

Katie feels hot, and the thermometer shows she has a fever.
"Back to bed," said Mom. "No school for you."

And Katie Woo stays in bed all day. Mom brings her a bowl of soup and some toast for lunch, but it tastes awful. Katie feels too sick to eat. Mom brings her some pills that she says will make Katie feel better.

"Pills are such a pill!" moans Katie. She's so hot that she feels shivery. At last she falls asleep but her dreams are all bad dreams.
"Boo on the flu!"

But after a few days, Katie wakes up feeling better. Soup and toast taste like the best food in the world. She talks on the phone to her friend Jojo.
"I feel like new," says Katie Woo.

Illustrated by Tammie Lyon's winsome pictures of the little patient, Fran Manushkin's Katie Woo Has the Flu (Picture Window Books) gives her spunky heroine a chance to say Shoo to the Flu in this story of the inevitable sick days of the school year in this easy-reading story.   For a Woo duo, pair this one with Manushkin's Katie Woo, Where Are You?

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