Saturday, February 10, 2018

Vampires Love Valentines? Vee Is For Valentine (Vampirina) by Chelsey Beyl

It's an exciting day at the Hauntleys.

It's Ghoulentine's Day.

Vampirina wakes up early to a breakfast of spooky scones made by the Hauntley's Chef Remy Bones, a kitchen festooned with Ghoulentines, and scream-filled chocolate treats from her Mom, Oxana Hauntley. Vampirina loves the festive display, but she has something else on her mind.

"Happy Valentine's Day," says Vee as she walks into the kitchen. "Today is Valentine's Day in Pennsylvania." she explains.

Now nicknamed Vee, Vampirina, a recent transplant from Transylvania to Pennsylvania, is on top of both holidays. She has made special ghoulentines for her vampire family and ghostly friends and another set of Valentines for her human friends and classmates at her new school. And as she is handing out her Ghoulentines, her classmates Poppy and Bridget arrive to walk to school with her. Vampirina grabs her backpack and bag of Valentines and rushes off to school with her best friends. On the way she explains Ghoulentine's Day to her friends.

"It's like Valentine's Day for spirits," she explains to her friends. She hands Poppy and Bridget the magical Ghoulentines she made just for them.

"These are amazing!" says Poppy.

But When Poppy worries that Ghoulentines might be too scary for the kids at school, Vee assures her friend that she's got regular Valentines to hand out to everyone at school.

What could possibly go wrong?

But back at home little ghost Demi discovers that inside the envelope carefully addressed to him by Vee, there's a regular Valentine. That can only mean one thing--somebody in Vee's class is going to get a magical Ghoulentine that may completely spook that kid out!

Demi panics. "I've got to warn Zee!"

And when Demi materializes to Vee at the Valentine party, Vee is just noticing that her special friend, Edgar, is just about to open the envelope from her--the one with a Ghoulentine inside!

It's the old Valentine mix-up story, in Chelsey Beyl's Vampirina Vee is for Valentine: 8x8 with Punch-out Cards (Disney Press, 2017). Can Zee come up with a way to make the switcheroo just in time?

Based on the original Vamperina Ballerina series by Anne Marie Pace (see reviews here), this latest paperback title features the star of the Disney Vampirina TV series, Vee Hauntley, and her continuing adventures as she adapts to the curious local customs in the exotic surroundings deep in darkest Pennsylvania. This title also features eight punch-out Valentines and ghoulentines (sadly without magic) for real kids to give to their friends.

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