Thursday, July 19, 2018

Mummies and Monsters and Zombies--Oh, My! Super-Dooper Spooky Doodle Book by Ryan Sias

Despite the hot and steamy dog days of summer, Halloween is drawing near, and children's minds will soon turn toward the spooky season.

What to wear? Witchy hats or wizard's cloaks? What to be? A big black bat or a scary cat?

But while they're waiting for that time to roll around, Ryan Sias has his new Super-Duper Spooky Doodle Book (Super-Duper Doodle Books) (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2018), packed full of comic scary characters--Victor the Vampire, Grik the Goblin, Zoey the Zombie, Wanda the Witch, Wayne the Werewolf, and Gus the Ghost, et al. Each one gets his or her own double-page spread with drawings to complete, scenes to fill out, and story starters to get kids sketching and writing.

Like man-made monsters? There's Frank N. Stein and the chance to create his whole family and his, er, manufactured pets. If zombies are your yen, Maya the Zombie has some missing body parts to complete. There are hidden pictures to find, and if creativity fails, the drawings make for some fun coloring or even tracing activities. Good for quiet times during hot mid-days or rainy afternoons, and sturdy enough backseat fun with no more than a box of colored pencils required, Sias's latest in his Super-Duper Doodle series, even offers puzzles and games, and for the youngest users whose drawing abilities are still developing--STICKERS!

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