Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Baby's Got a Brand New Bag! Tooth! by Leslie Patricelli

My mouth feels funny. Something is happening!

A little crankiness and a lot of drool! What's up with Baby?

It's a breakthrough!

I got a new tooth!

Mom and Dad have a mouth full of them, and Baby now knows that someday soon he will have a new set!

This changes EVERYTHING!

New functions are automatically activated. Biting! Chewing! Crunching! Chomping! (but only food, not friends!)

It's great, but with the tooth comes... oral hygiene! Oh--I have to brush now? (Hold the flossing for further developments!) Mom and Dad demonstrate how it's done. And Baby learns other interesting moves... swishing and spitting! Woohoo!


There's a whole new world of foods-- crackers, cupcakes, French fries, maybe even broccoli?--waiting for Baby, in Leslie Patricelli's shamelessly cute new board book, Tooth (Leslie Patricelli board books) (Candlewick Press, 2018), and some questionable things not to bite (chewy dog bones?), in this very small and sturdy book for tots.

Artist Patricelli's minimalistic comic cartoons charm parents and tiny tots alike. This celebration of the first tooth joins other not-to-be missed milestones for Baby, such as Nighty-Night, (Leslie Patricelli board books) Toot (Leslie Patricelli board books), and her salute to baby's first Yuletide, Fa La La (Leslie Patricelli board books)

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