Wednesday, December 12, 2018

In the Room Where It Happens! I Am Cindy Lou Who by Tish Rabe

The inhabitants down in the little valley hamlet known colloquially as "Who-ville" have awakened to the horror of a cheer-free holiday.

Gone inexplicably from their homes are all vestiges of festivity and generosity. The foods on which they had planned to feast were feloniously purloined from their fridges. Their holiday decor had been stripped from their dwellings--lock, stock, and Yule logs. The toys so kindly collected under the Christmas trees had vanished, along with the very trees themselves.

The populace was devastated. There was not a clue to the villain who would perpetrate such a vile deed.

--Except, it seems, for one eyewitness...

I am Cindy Lou Who.

I am two.

Stop the presses! The news flashes through the town:

Eyewitness of Christmas Eve
Home Invasions Comes Forward

And there is one suspect who certainly has motive and means:

All the Whos like Christmas a lot

But the Grinch on Mt. Crumpet?

He really does not!

What to do to rescue their Yuletide from the greenish clutches of the Grinch? The Whos do know what to do. They hold hands and sing, sing, SING! in Tish Rabe's board book re-telling of the Dr. Seuss Christmas classic, I Am Cindy-Lou Who (Random House, 2018). In this version Cindy Lou Who plays the lead for tots too young to attend to the complete picture book or the seasonal movie. This little book is a preview of the famous story of how, as another classic Christmas tale* tells, "yearly, newly, faithfully and truly" somehow Christmas always comes. Pair this one with its companion board book, Tish Rabe's I Am Max, for the companion story of the Grinch's innocent co-conspirator and unwilling antler-wearing canine.

*The Year Without a Santa Claus by Phyllis McGinley!

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