Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Snow Night! Vampirina In The Snow by Anne Marie Pace

Vampires don't have snow days.

They have SNOW NIGHTS!

And the forecast is for a MONSTER storm overnight, just the thing for Vampirina Ballerina and her whole family. After all, being cold is their natural state!

They head outside--Vampirina, Vamp Mom and Count Drac Dad, toddler brother Drac, Jr., and their family monster, Frankie.

They build a snow monster man... and although he's no jolly Frosty... this family follows tradition....

Don't forget the carrot nose!

Mom and Dad make snow mummies and snow bats, but Vampirina Ballerina shows off her dance skills, which come in handy for making snow angels!

Proper ballet positions make snow angels easy.

First, Fifth, First Fifth!

And when it's time for sledding, the family has a supply of coffins for everyone to use, and when they put on snowshoes and mush into the woods, they meet up with their friend, Yeti, who finally gets to join them.

And for the grand finale, Vampirina gets to demonstrate her dance skills on the ice.

Fancy ice-skating moves take just as much work as arabesques and pirouettes do...
but practice pays off!

The Creatures of the Night have a great night out, in Anne Marie Pace's Vampirina in the Snow (Disney Hyperion, 2018). Author "Countess" Anne Marie Pace puts in all the popular tropes of snow play, but the fun of this one is in the visual humor of artist "Mistress of the Night" LeUyen Pham, whose creative vampire snow activities even feature extra fun in a spot-the-Yeti game on each page. For fans of Vampirina, the cute little fanged ballerina, this latest in her series has plenty of vampire verve. Other books in this popular series are Vampirina Ballerina, Vampirina at the Beach. and Vampirina Ballerina Hosts a Sleepover.

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