Monday, July 01, 2019

Doings with Dad! Side by Side by Chris Raschka

What do dads do? Almost anything and everything!

How do they do it? With their kids--they do it...


Dads fly kites with daughters, and sunbathe with them side by side at the beach. They play horsie for their little equestriennes and jester to their little princesses.

Dads make like a crane for boys that play cargo. They teach little lads to play board games. Their laps can be pillows for those same sleeping laddies.

Dads can be teachers for catching fish, or inefficient learners of how to jump rope, as one comic double-page spread shows a daddy with feet hopelessly tangled in daughter's rope as she demonstrates proper form.

In the Caldecott author-illustrator Chris Raschka's latest salute to fatherhood, Side by Side : A Celebration of Dads from two-time Caldecott Medal Winner (Phaidon Press,2019), his  faux naif-style illustrations show different dad-and-child combinations having all kinds of fun side by side in a sweet and simple salute to what daddies do. School Library Journal's starred review says, "Raschka amazes by conveying profound emotion in a simple, unpretentious way."

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