Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Missing Lid Mystery: The Vanishing Baseball Cap by Misti Keniston

Daniel is on a field trip to the Museum of History. But...

Before he gets in the door, he notices his green baseball cap is gone.

Can he find it? Will he fail?


There are so many history exhibits, and it seems that there are hats in every one!

In the Wild West display, the  cowpoke wears a hat, but it's too wide to be a baseball cap. In the sea life tank, the diver's helmet is too big. The astronaut in the showcase wears a hard helmet, and in the early flight exhibit, the pilot's leather helmet is brown.

The early photography exhibit has a figure in a tall black silk hat, but it's way too tall to be Daniel's cap, and the pirate's hat is black and triangular. None of these hats is like his small green cap. The field trip is almost over, and the group is exiting through the gift shop. Is Daniel's cap a goner?

But with Fox and Goat on the case, Daniel's hat turns up, in Misti Keniston's third in series, The Vanishing Baseball Cap: A Fox and Goat Mystery (Fox & Goat Mysteries) (Schiffer Publishing, 2019). Kids who keep their eyes peeled through the story will probably spy the missing hat before Fox and Goat do, and to underline the lesson, author Keniston includes a brief appendix with the full rubric of color, size, and shape and texture that underlie the search. This series is great for reviewing the elements of sorting for preschoolers just learning to match characteristics--providing a basic lesson in vocabulary and reinforcing essential skills in math and science and art.

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