Monday, October 14, 2019

Can't Scare Me! Nothing Wee About Me! A Magical Adventure by Kim Chafee

It was finally Sunday again.
Liesel had only one thing on her mind!


So it's off to Grandma Rose's house for a special "wand"--a much-used soup ladle, which Grandma warns doesn't work so well anymore. But Liesel only makes one big wish and is whisked away in her yellow submarine to a mysteriously medieval island.

Using the versatile ladle as a periscope, Liesel spots the island volcano's lava flow and sees her mission!

She has to warn the villagers to save themselves from the red-hot danger!

But the islanders don't cooperate with the rescue plan. Brandishing her ladle, Leisel convinces a pirate to join her rescue effort, but a giant dragon defiantly defends the castle keep.
"Go away, wee girl, or join the prince as a prisoner in my castle," the dragon roared.

"Not a chance, Dragon," snapped Liesel."There won't BE a castle once that volcano goes kablooey.


And pirates, dragons, a prince who needs to potty, and a lava-spouting volcano are no match for a confident girl and a magic ladle with all its old powers, in Kim Chafee's funny and fantastical tall tale, Nothing Wee about Me!: A Magical Adventure (Page Street Kids, 2019). With a brave heroine with spunk and big ideas and the jolly, spirited illustrations of Laura Bobbiesi which greatly extend the text, Chafee's story has a reassuring premise for little readers that courage counts more than size.

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