Sunday, January 05, 2020

Flying the Coop! Chicken Break: A Counting Book by Cate Berry

The hens are feeling fenced in! The cocks are quite claustrophobic. The chicks are ready to fly the coop!

The hens have had it with the hen house!

The hens hatch the plan.
Four chickens on the lamb.

But lambs don't make for very good getaway vehicles, so the pullets go incognito, copy the code, and sneak to the poultry yard gate to upload it.

It's the great chicken coop breakout!

What do chickens do when they split the chicken yard?

They pig out on pretzels, make like mall rats, shop till their tail feathers drop, and take in their fave show, Bantam of the Opera!

But as it gets to be time to go to roost, the hens are homesick for the old home-sweet-coop. So they fly the bright lights by any means possible--taxi, tunnels, jet-packs, sky diving, and zip-lining!

And one by one they hot-foot it into their homey coop--
Shushing, clucking, one last poop!

It's time for the hens to hit the hay in their own hen house, in Cate Berry's merry Chicken Break!: A Counting Book. Author Cate Berry takes care of the clever rhyming couplets, and artist Charlotte Adler adds her cute cartoon chickens in this quirky tale of the great poultry getaway. Pair this one with Cate Berry's  Tiny Shrimp Don't Do Bedtime! (see review here).

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