Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Wait Just a Mini-Moment!! Mini Rabbit Is NOT LOST by John Bond

Mini Rabbit and Mother Rabbit are making a cake.

"CAKE! CAKE! CAKE!" chants Mini Rabbit!

But then Mother Rabbit has sad news. They are fresh out of berries!

But Mini Rabbit is adamant!
"I will find berries!"

Strapping on his little red backpack, Mini Rabbit hops off in search of that quintessential ingredient.

But there are no berries in the berry patch.

Mini Rabbit forges on. Inquisitive animals query Mini Rabbit about what he's doing, but this resolute rabbit pushes on, crossing prairies, rowing rivers, and scaling rocky mountainsides, rappelling down from snowy precipices, persevering in his dogged quest for berries. At last he discovers a deep cave and inside he finds--one berry.

And then from far away across the world, Mini Rabbit catches the scent of--Mother Rabbit's cake!

It's berry cake at last. But--What? No ice cream?

Some of us are never satisfied, as with John Bond's quixotic character in his Mini Rabbit Is Not Lost (Neal Porter Books, 2019). In this heroic quest, author-illustrator Bond sets his stylized and stylish but relentless little figure within a rather realistic background of prairies, forests, an ocean with a lighthouse, and high mountain peaks, tiny in a vast landscape, but as unstoppable as that famous battery bunny. Savvy readers will chuckle as they spot who's harvested all the berries as flocks of dark birds fly by with berries in their beaks. Be sure you've got all the ingredients for cake when you share this one!"Charming and whimsical—sure to bring smiles, says Kirkus Reviews.

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