Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Brainy Bookathon! Stink and the Midnight Zombie Walk by Megan McDonald

"Brains! Take that! You're dead, Fred Zombie!"

"I'm not dead! I'm un-dead!" said Voodoo Zombie.

Stink and Webster were playing Attack of the Knitting-Needle Zombies when Fred Zombie's eyeball fell off.

Only one more week!" said Stink.

"Till what?" asked Judy Moody, poking her head in Stink's door. Sometimes she was a Nosy Parker!

"DUH! The Midnight Zombie Walk!" said Stink and Webster together.

And it's a Zombie-craZy week for Stink and his big sister Judy Moody and all the kids at Virginia Dare Elementary School. The whole school is having a monster readathon, going for one million minutes of reading, to be celebrated Friday at a Zooper Zombie Bash!

Book Release Party for Nightmare on Zombie Street, Book 5

Between totaling up their minutes of reading, the kids have a zombie-licious week. "Everything in Zombie starts with Z," said Stink, er, Zink, to Webzter." So Stink and Webster try to raise some cash to buy Book 5 of the Zombie zeries by having a Blowout Yard Zombie Sale and a Zmellatorium Ztand on their front sidewalk. Stink and Webster turn Stink's ventriloquist's dummy into Charlie Vampire, and Mrs. Moody appears, dressed in bloody-hand printed apron as the school Zombie Lunch Lady, to dish out servings of Scrambled Brainz (eggs) and Soppy Toes (mini-franks in red sauce) in the renamed school "Vomiteria;" and the two pranksterz scare the witz out of Judy with their talking Charlie Vampire, while the third graders sponsor a definitely un-dead Read-Aloud-athon for the first graders on Friday.

In Megan McDonald's Zombie-riferous Stink and the Midnight Zombie Walk (Candlewick Press), there's a strong plug for the joy of reading and hardly a moment without a zombie giggle, in this title in the author's best-selling series of beginning chapter books for young readers. "Gross, creepy, and hilarious, zayz Booklizt.

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