Saturday, September 19, 2020

Bunny Buddy: Biscuit Meets the Class Pet by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Biscuit the pup has a visitor!

“Here, Biscuit! Nibbles is our class pet, here for a visit!”
Biscuit answers with a worried WOOF! Puppy Biscuit watches the little bunny investigate the room. He hops over to Biscuit’s bed to take a sniff of Biscuit’s toy chew bone. Biscuit looks worried. Then Nibbles finds Biscuit’s ball. Biscuit looks even more worried and quickly returns the bone and ball back to his bed, where they are supposed to be!

The girl decides to go get a snack to keep Nibbles busy and tell the two to stay right there. But Nibbles doesn’t stay put. He hop-hops under the table and then under the chair. Biscuit doesn’t know what to do. This silly bunny doesn’t understand what STAY means. When the girl comes back, Nibbles is nowhere in sight. Oh, dear! She can’t lose the class pet! But Biscuit’s nose knows how to find Nibbles! He’s hiding in Biscuit’s bed! What a smart pup!
Nibbles found your bone, your ball and your bed! And you found Nibbles!”
It’s a happy ending to the visit with Nibbles, with basic words and plenty of repetition in this My First Book intended for shared reading between a child and parent, with the help of artist Pat Schories’ whimsically charming illustrations of child and two young animals, in Alyssa Satin Cupicilli’s Biscuit Meets the Class Pet (My First I Can Read) (Harper). Learning to read is fun when it is shared with Biscuit and a nosy little rabbit. Share this one with one in which Biscuit takes a trip to see where Nibbles really lives, Biscuit Goes to School (My First I Can Read).

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