Wednesday, November 28, 2018

I SPY! My First I-See-You by Eric Carle

I see you in the puppy who plays peek-a-boo!

I see you in glowing silver moon, too!

Toddlers love to be involved in everything around them!

And Eric Carle's newest toy-and-movable board book, My First I See You: A Mirror Book (The World of Eric Carle) (Little Simon, 2018), makes the little "reader" the center of every page---because he actually gets to see himself along with whatever he sees on the page. There are butterflies and lions, clouds and fledgling birds, described in Carle's rhyming couplets, but there are also small, framed mirrors in which the little reader can see himself roaring or purring like a lion or swinging in a tree like a monkey.

Puppies and monkeys and baby birds are fine, but when a tot says "I see ME!" that's fun for everyone.



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