Friday, March 08, 2019

All Year Round! Ruby and Rufus Love the Water by Olivier Dunrea

Ruby and Rufus love their pond. After all, they ARE goslings.

They dip their little webbed feet. They dabble, heads under the surface. They dive, big time!

Ruby loves to swan dive.

Rufus loves to back dive.

They enjoy drifting on their little red and white floatie rings. They sail on their floaties before the wind. They chase minnows. They even play in the pond when it's raining. After all, they ARE goslings.

But then one day they find everything has changed.

The water is frozen!

Ruby tries pecking. Rufus tries stomping. The pond is hard! Clearly there will be no dipping, no dabbling, and especially no diving underneath!

Then Ruby tries sliding on her feet. Rufus bellyflops and glides across the pond. They find out that their little floaties make great sleds. Ruby and Rufus make a discovery.

They love the pond all year round.

Olivier Dunrea's forthcoming Gossie and Friends story. Ruby and Rufus (Gossie and Friends) (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2019) features lovable water birds, Ruby and Rufus, in a little gosling tale that features the fun of the changing seasons for the youngest book lovers. In Dunrea's inimitable style, adorable little geese explore their world in spot-art vignettes set against bright white pages. This is the latest in Dunrea's duckling and gosling series which delights the eye and enchants toddlers and preschoolers with the discoveries of its young denizens. It is hard to resist the jolly joie de vivre of Dunrea's lively and lovable little goslings in this brand new adventure.

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