Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Baby Spook Book! Peek-A-Booooo! by Sandra Magsamen

It's a treat you don't eat!

The littlest among us can have a sweet Halloween treat for the spooky season, too. Sandra Mangamen's latest baby-and toddler board book,
Peek-a-Boooo! (Heart-felt Books) (Scholastic Press, 2019) begins with a question about what the tot can "be" for Halloween---a monkey? a honey bunny? an astronaut who flies in the sky?

Beginning with its soft and touchable die-cut Jack o' Lantern on the cover, this little toy-and-movable creation is both a book and a toy. Little ones can reach right through the cover, lift the soft felt flap on the facing page, and see, not just a bunny or a bee, but --themselves in the hidden mirror.  Based on the favorite interactive game of babies for millennia, this small book is a fine introduction to books and the holiday.

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