Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Sweet Comic Valentine! My Fuzzy Valentine by Naomi Kleinberg

It's furry. It's fuzzy.  In fact, it's even flocked. It's red. It's heart-shaped and lace trimmed.

What is inside Elmo's envelope?

And who sent it to Elmo?

Little Elmo just has to know.  So he asks everyone.

It's not from Zoe. She says her Valentine may be slow. In fact, it might come late. Baby Bear declares he's been too busy taking care of Curly Bear. Cookie Monster denies sending a Valentine, but he offers to share Elmo's!

Elmo is stumped. He does not know--until he meets Mommy and sees her smile grow and her eyes glow. And now Elmo does know!


It's a very special fuzzy, flocked Valentine card, one that matches Elmo himself, in Naomi Kleinberg's and Louis Womble's touchy-feely and funny My Fuzzy Valentine (Sesame Street/Random House, 2018). It's just the way for a preschooler to spend a special Valentine's Day with little Elmo and his friends.

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